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A Bug’s Life

A multi-award winning strategic marketer and journalist, Julia’s work has been described as ‘innovative‘ by Forbes and ‘bizarre‘ by The Telegraph. We tend to believe the former.

With a decade of impressive experience, she has worked agency-side, in house and as a journalist, giving her a unique all-round view of communications and copywriting.

Her clients have included fast growth challengers and big brands such as Bupa, Standard Chartered, The Open University, Unilever and Dropbox. As a journalist, she’s worked for everyone from the BBC to Xfm and her words and content have appeared in the Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Huffington Post and Forbes, to name just a few.

She memorised The Tale of Peter Rabbit before she could read and has loved words ever since. She set up LightningBug to help businesses find the ideas and words that set them apart.

Career highlights:

  • LightningBug featuring in Forbes
  • Winning a raft of awards for an international not-for-profit content campaign that created unprecedented engagement levels
  • Running successful change communications during a complex merger
  • Speaking at national conferences about how to respond to negative social media comments
  • Being nominated for radio journalist of the year
  • Reading and writing the news for a 24-hour broadcast and only falling asleep once

Connect with Julia on LinkedIn or @JuliaCBurns.


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