Getting started

Thinking about what content will help you sell? By getting to know you – your ambitions, your culture, your set up, your customers – we can design and put into action a content marketing programme that will make an impact where you need it.

Here’s an example of the steps we take with our new content marketing clients.

Step 1: Pinpoint your story

I identify and develop the story you have to tell – something really compelling to talk about. It’s what makes you different and which appeals to your customers. Spoiler alert: it’s not enough to say that your people and experience make you special.


To garner insights on you, I:

  • Meet with people at all levels of your organisation
  • Carry out customer / client / prospect interviews

Competitor messaging research

Agency-wide creative brainstorm


Collate findings

Draft story / messaging

Test and adapt story with senior team / customers

Final story / messaging

Step 2: Assess your assets

I look into what you’re already doing and find out how your business works so I can recommend what content you need and how we can deliver it together.


Run practical workshops with the people involved in marketing and sales*

Analyse your existing marketing and results

* whatever ‘sales’ could look like for your organisation – it could for instance be donations, applications, customer satisfaction…


Identify where in the process marketing support is missing, or missing the mark

Short-term and long-term marketing plan designed to build your story

Step 3: Communicate your story

I get the strategy down and immediately make it practical. I can carry out one-off pieces of work or build ongoing programmes, for instance:

  • Write a narrative / content architecture for the year
Rewrite your website copy to be more relevant to your key audiences
  • Write a piece of bite-sized content that can be easily shared with customers and provoke sales interest
  • Write weekly blogs to improve SEO and ensure customers have the content they need
  • Develop regular campaigns to build brand awareness – everything from developing the concept to writing copy for a white paper, email marketing and social media

If that sounds complex, I’ll make sure it doesn’t feel it.

To work out the best approach, at the start of each programme, I ask a set of tried-and-tested questions about your business. At the very least, they may help you think about one aspect of your content in a new way. Set up a seriously non-salesy face-to-face discussion based on these questions:

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