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How to…write like an expert on almost anything

9th October 2017

We were invited to write an article on writing as part of Learn Something New week. There’s some really interesting brainfood here on everything from how to buy a camera to how to start a business. Have a read!

Quarterly newsletter: Go sideways, swipe right & scroll

2nd October 2017

Our Autumn newsletter includes three pieces of inspiration and an update on the latest happenings at LightningBug. Read it here.  Sign up here for a little inspiration each quarter.     

Quarterly newsletter: B2B inspiration from Nike

10th July 2017

This quarter’s newsletter summarises what we’ve been working on and provides a handful of examples of what’s been inspiring us. We even made a short video based on a Nike example: Read the full newsletter here and make sure to sign up for more useful content on content.    

Today’s super quick campaign tips

14th June 2017

It’s been a busy few months at LightningBug working with lawyers, consultants and technology specialists but there’s always time to talk about creativity. Here are a couple of recent pieces of our own work and another couple from other companies we’re inspired by. 1. Matt Gillan’s Redroaster / Pike & Pine restaurant has launched and […]

Recent reads on: purpose

10th April 2017

To be successful, do you have to have a purpose and use that to power everything you do?We think this is the direction all business is moving in and that, in only a few years, it will be fundamental in B2B. Recent research by Harvard Business Review agrees. Here are a few articles from the […]

How Christian Slater can help your marketing

6th April 2017

If you’re working in a very corporate environment, how can you push the boundaries with your marketing? Of course, your messaging needs to be appropriate, but there is no good reason why campaigns can’t be creative. The Fearless Girl stunt by State Street Global Advisors is a perfect example of this. Our founder, Julia Burns, […]

Research, review, refine: prep for your content marketing strategy

3rd April 2017

You’re a marketer rebooting content in your business. You’ve got agreement from everyone you need to. So what do you need to do before you even start to think about your strategy and creating your content framework? Research  Become obsessed with your business and its people. Forget everything. Ask a million questions as if you […]

A call to lose or improve your accidental content

18th March 2017

When we’re faced with so much content everyday, successful marketers produce less. They craft each piece, making it stand out with clever, clear, creative thinking. But even though we know that, many of us are missing opportunities to create great content. What am I talking about? The problem is this: we get into the habit of ordering the same marketing […]

Checklist: 30 questions to ask before creating B2B content

14th March 2017

To work out the best approach, at the start of each content programme, we ask a set of tried-and-tested questions. Here are some of the key issues to consider. Your audience Think of an individual client who is typical of those you work with. How would you describe him/her (e.g. time poor, risk averse, careful, innovative, […]

We’re taking advice from the Cheshire Cat

9th March 2017

Our founder, Julia Burns, recently wrote for Forbes on whether more millennials are setting up businesses. You can read her article here, including references to the Cheshire Cat and Peter Pan, because, well, why not?

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