Today’s super quick campaign tips

It’s been a busy few months at LightningBug working with lawyers, consultants and technology specialists but there’s always time to talk about creativity.

Here are a couple of recent pieces of my work and another couple from other companies I’m inspired by.

1. Matt Gillan’s Redroaster / Pike & Pine restaurant has launched and it’s a stunning space, as its website (copy courtesy of LightningBug).

Takeaway: Mirror the offline experience, online.

2. Why write a straightforward article on coding when you can write one on Mad Men and The Walking Dead? Taking into account the interests of our key audiences, we wrote this blog that makes the technical, tangible.

Takeaway: Keep your readers at the heart of creative thinking.

3. We’re looking forward to the next Global Board Diversity Analysis from consultancy Egon Zehnder. 2016’s contains an incredible amount of useful insights but has been presented in an easy-to-navigate digital format. The ‘Create Your Own Report’ idea is inspired.

Takeaway: Bitesized and personalisable content doesn’t have to be overly complex.

4. And finally, with Cannes coming up, it’s a great time to look at the video and advert highlights of the year. This text-only piece from Nike shows that it can be quick and easy to create a powerful, shareable campaign – with the right idea.

Takeaway: Simple executions can be the most effective.

As well as all this, I’ve also been working on developing social media strategies, internal comms, change communications, in-depth interview series and life raft taglines – so whatever marketing you need help with, do get in touch.



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