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To be successful, do you have to have a purpose and use that to power everything you do? I think this is the direction all business is moving in and that, in only a few years, it will be fundamental in B2B. Recent research by Harvard Business Review agrees.

Here are a few articles from the last couple of weeks from other experts on why they believe in the power of purpose.

1. The post-truth fallout for B2B marketing from TheMarketingPractice

This Medium article argues marketers are making too much generic ‘crap’:

“Short-termist marketing strategies are turning people off. The inbound mantra has too often just led to clickbait and banal editorial content that says little new or different.”

Added to that, consumers are inclined not to trust marketing anymore and expect companies to have an authentic purpose and story – and stick to it.

2. Why brands need to pick a side and face the consequences from The Challenger Project 

Challenger brands have the courage to state a purpose and stick to it. This piece looks at why, during polarised political times, big businesses are now also being pushed into making a choice about what they believe.

Because the “boycott train doesn’t feel like it is slowing down, brands need to be confident and consistent in delivering on what they believe.”

There are some useful brand examples in here.

3. Brands Have Learned the Value of Purpose. Now They Must Actually Become Purpose-Led from Adweek

Stating a purpose isn’t enough. Look at the hot water BrewDog got into when it was revealed they had started to sue startups despite claiming to be ‘punk’. This article argues, purpose has to be at the very core of doing business and the very best are “leading with action”.

4. Why Purpose is Critical for a Strong B2B Brand from DeSantis Breindel

Slightly older but still useful, this piece looks at where Yahoo! went wrong (aka the Peanut Butter Manifesto) and the financial case for purpose.

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